Design Services & Pricing

How my pricing works

I work mainly on the pricing as described in each service section but this is flexible and all quotes will be given after our initial consultation along with an outline of an agreeable brief.  I work on a needs basis so if you require my design skills to get you started and offer support through moodboards and contacts then this is something we can definitely do.  Through my background of IT & Business Administration I am able to transfer these skills into project management so am able to take on the initial design work through to implementing the work involved, liaising with relevant tradesman/women to achieve the completed projects.

If you’re not sure what service you require

If you are unsure of what service you need at what level, a quick email, phone call can usually give me a good indication and offer an estimate based on the services I’ve indicated below. This is obviously complimentary and if you do decide to then book an initial consultation with myself, I will come and visit you at your home or which ever is appropriate.

See each design service under this menu for more information.