Downsizing our things & how we did it!

So we’re in the process of selling our home and buying a new one.  We currently live in an end of terrace Victorian town house with all the expected features, high ceilings etc etc and moving to a mid century home a bit smaller than our home is now.  It’s a big deal really to ‘downsize’ from one property to a smaller one but where we are moving to suits us more as a whole family and it just so happens that mid century is the style of houses in the area! So in order for us not to feel overwhelmed with less space and too much ‘stuff’ from day one, we must declutter.  I want our move to feel positive and happy.  I am therefore slowly working my way through each area of the home and assessing what we definitely do want/need and what we don’t.  For example, I have a large IKEA kallax sheling unit bit like the one below….

IKEA Kallax

that I have decided will go.  I already have another lovely shelving unit with glass doors which I love more and so would much rather keep that.  The preferred unit does house a lot of kitchen ware as currently kitchen doesn’t have enough storage, unlike my new house which will (one area which is bigger than we have at the mo!) and so I know that some of which is in the Kallax unit can go in there plus some of the more unused items on a daily basis can be stored in our new adjoining garage (which we don’t currently have!). I’m having to ask myself these questions and find solutions in order for our new house to work! These are generally questions you might ask yourself when decluttering your home.

  1. Do I really need this? Ask yourself the last time you used something and if the answer years ago, get rid! Once a year then maybe store in a garage, it doesn’t need to take up valuable storage space in the home.
  2. I need/want to keep these but not here? Find a different storage solution.  For example I have a filing cabinet currently that holds all my paper files for our home.  As this is just another piece of furniture I need to find a home for I am slowing working my way through everything, shredding anything no longer needed and filing everything else into binder folders that can be stored onto a shelf.  It’s important to use wall space as storage when floor space is limited!
  3. When’s the last time I wore that? If basically you didn’t wear something last season, a jumper all winter for example then it’s time to let go.
  4. Does that even fit me? If you’re holding onto something because you might be able to wear it one day, then it’s probably time to let go too! There’s always some thing new and lovely to wear anyway! Good tip start of the season with you clothes hangers the same way, if you wear something put it back with the hanger the opposite way – all those hangers still in their original position and haven’t been worn – time to clear them out!
  5. Toys!….children outgrow them and their interest changes so have a good sort out! If it holds particular sentimental value then box it nicely for the loft, otherwise, charity shop or eBay!

I am a firm believer of ‘tidy house tidy mind’ and always think of these elements when designing a room.  At the end of the day we ‘live ‘ in our homes, they are not show homes to be photographed but I try and give that feeling of something that has been designed and well thought about.  If you can design a beautiful organised space then I think that’s the ultimate! I like my children to be able to play but also like to know exactly where it’s all going back to once they’re done!  It’s all about being multifunctional these days, but hey that’s a whole other blog! Lol

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