Hiring a designer can actually save you money!

Its’ true!  How many times have you hunted round showrooms trying to make decisions on curtains, wallpaper, furniture, asking yourself will this work in our home?  Hiring a designer might actually help you make these decisions and give you some clarity but also help stop you making costly mistakes!

One of my clients was looking to have her son’s room completely re-designed as he was now growing up and soon be going up to university.  They wanted something more mature but classic, something that would live beyond ‘trend’ to see him through the next few years of his life.  They had a good starting point, a chosen wallpaper and favourite football signed shirt that they had never got around to displaying.  They had spent many hours deciding colours, furniture light fixings, flooring and realised that this could be come very costly if they made the wrong decisions!  They wanted to get it right!

As I work by the hour I was able to just come in and help them make those decisions, give them alternative ideas to keep within their budget but still get the look they were after.  I was able to upcycle a pre-owned Lampshade, saving them funds which they could then invest into a desk that they had set their hearts on for their son.  Working by the hour meant that they only committed to hiring me as their designer for as long as they needed to gain the design that they were happy with.  Helping them make decisions on certain aspects of the room and finding different solutions to their requirements meant they saved on money and time.  Time was a major factor as they both worked full time, the mum was a Senior nurse and the Dad worked away from home for many days on end so having someone support them through the process gave them confidence and motivation.

Below is some very kind feedback I received from the clients on my work:

“I can highly recommend Lana Rose Interiors as a previous client. Her eye for detail and imagination in colour and mood boards is creative and appeases even the most fussy of clients! I know I was one! Nici creates simple effective styles within budget and demonstrates ideas you might be frightened of trying……My sons bedroom was given a massive overhaul and Nici created several b spoke items fit for teenage boy verging on adulthood! Blend of masculin colours and quirky stripped down chrome lights and an upcycled picture frame to house a signed footie shirt… Stevie G LFC! The pride of the room. I would highly recommend Lana Rose Interios. Does a clean tidy effective and in budget job. Mandi F Stafford”

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