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Making the most from the Smallest Bedroom


The box room, the single room how ever you want to describe it as most of us have a smaller bedroom in our homes.  Ours is actually a good size single or small double as we have managed to fit in a standard size double bed.  This is our son’s bedroom who is the eldest child but made sense that he had the smallest of the bedrooms.  This is because basically, he eats, sleeps and plays on his xbox, he no longer has toys etc so it made more sense for our daughter who is only 5, to have the largest bedroom to house all her toys etc.

That being said we had a challenge to make this space feel cosy, cool and functional so here’s how I designed the space.

Firstly he was adamant he wanted to keep his double bed, fair enough.  So that was the starting point.  I wanted to give him a fairly grown up space that would grow with him as he did so opted for a grey and monochrome colour scheme, but to warm it up, I wanted to add some natural materials. I therefore came up with the idea of having a full wall width OSB wood panel at the back of the bed with a shelf. This makes the room feel wider as draws the eye from left to right of the whole room. It also acts as a headboard and the shelf is somewhere  to style his belongings so a useful bit of storage too.  I contrasted this with bold black at the tops with a gallery of black and white images of skaters taken from one of his books.


The other side of the room houses his TV and a little vanity mirror.  Fortunately there is a single fitted wardrobe so need to add any wardrobes to the room.  In terms of other storage he has a large pull out under bed drawer to house his sports clothes and then just recently I have added a small chest of drawers from Ikea too.

I am in the process of trying to organise all his school work too so am utilising the wall space behind the bedroom door to store all his books and art folder.

It’s amazing what you can achieve in such a small space and to be honest, he has everything he needs and I love this room. It is a really cosy room, hows the saying go?….Beautiful things come in small packages!

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