My bargain feature Lampshades


So been a while since my last blog but got lots I want to do so starting with a few DIY projects I’ve done.  First are this feature Lampshades I did for the ceiling space on our stairway.  Was super easy although hanging them up was a bit tricky due to the mirror! Anyway, I stated off looking for the right lampshades and as was planning on stripping them back to their bare bones didn’t want to spend much! I picked up one (smaller in the photo) for £2 then came across this little beauty for £10! Yes it looked hideous and my husband thought I’d gone mad but I knew underneath it would have a beautiful shape!


Once all stripped off I then gave them a good clean and got so Rustoleam in Matt Black. Set about spraying them up! Once done then had to work out how I was gonna hang them out as they were not going to be working lights, just decorative.  Anyway, I looked at the hole where normally it would attach to the light fitment and thought it was near to the size of a plug hole! I visited my local Wilko and bought two replacement black plugs which were perfect because they already have a hook on for the chain to attach to.


I then glued them to the shade using gorilla glue and left them to dry over night.  Next I attached a key ring to it to enable me to attach bike chain which I thought would give it a quirky look to them and as we had loads of old chain in the garage made sense to use it! So lampshades revamped and almost ready to hang but wanted to hang some sort of bulb from it to give it the illusion of a working light.  I had got some cool decorative light bulbs from Ian Snow from Ideal Home Show couple of years ago and thought they’d be perfect.  They were already bound with wire so just twisted the wire to the lampshade and hey presto! They were done and I was super super pleased with the result! And such a bargain too!




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