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Never before have our homes been so important to us. The spaces around us impact on us daily, inspiring the way we live and feel. As a designer, I am only too aware how transformative Interior Design can be. Enhancing our over all happiness and wellbeing. So here is how Lana Rose Interiors can help you today!

With Our Remote Interior Design, we can truly offer a professional service with the client experience at the core of what we do. Getting to know you and your home is the starting block of the creative process.

Here’s how our Remote Interior Design works..

Step 1 of online Interior design process ‘ Getting to know you’

With a quick chat we can soon determine if this service is right for you. It is suitable for so many scenarios. I may ask for a few photos and a brief description. This will help determine the correct design path going forward.

Step 2 of online interior design process ‘information’

Next we go through a thorough Q&A process via a questionnaire document. Work begins before emailing this to you, populating any information already received. Making the process is quick and user friendly as possible.

Step 3 of online interior design process ‘design brief’

Using all the information received a brief is generated and subsequently agreed with the client. Such a vital step to the process to gain clarity and understanding of the project ahead.

Step 4 of online interior design process ‘creative process’

This step is where the creative process really begins. Working with the brief and continued communication, your design concept is created. Don’t worry if things go quiet for a bit. The creative brain is working hard on your Interior design project!

Step 5 of online interior design process‘design presentation’

The final step is the Design Presentation. Through an online presentation with moodboards visuals, shopping lists of any items used in the design, you can start to really imagine your new space! Followed by a video/phone call to explain or clarify any of the design details.

Trade discounts, save money, earn back your fee

All my clients have access to any trade discounts where applicable so this really can be a win win situation. You may even save enough to earn back your design fee! I regularly review my trade discounts making sure I can offer my clients the best possible discounts. These are just a few, click through and start browsing!

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