Sustainable Beautiful Wall Panelling anyone can do on the smallest of budgets!

So we’ve all saved a million pins right from Pinterest or images from social media on beautiful wall panelling . Or if not seen it right? This idea is super popular and one I can’t see going anywhere anytime soon. I too am a huge fan and think works especially well for areas which are simple in their colour pallet and style. My style I guess is light bright and has a Nordic Scandinavian feel to it . My bedroom needed an update, was looking a bit tired and so decided to wanted go light with white walls and natural tones but to stop this looking too flat I wanted to add texture. Something I always recommend anyone doing in a neutral scheme. I decided on wall panelling. However, me being me did not want to A. hire a professional carpenter and B. spend a fortune on materials C. spend a long time doing it. Once I have an idea of a project it stays in my head til I find a solution. This is very much an organic process and usually ‘just happens’ by thinking outside the box and being creative with materials. So on one of my many trips to the charity shop I was looking at these old canvases which they were selling for just a £1 each! I looked at the back to see the hanging fixtures when I suddenly noticed the beauty of the wood frames behind the canvas. It clicked into place at that moment! My creative brain took over and I had this idea of purchasing a load of canvases that I could strip back and create a gallery on my bedroom wall, giving a panelling feel to it. Either way I thought this could look beautiful.

So over the next few weeks I visited my fav Charity shop and picked up any canvases that I felt were good solid ones. They had to be made from real wood, not mdf for me as I wanted the character. Once I had collected what I needed I started the room. I chose Dulux One coat white , which although did cover white had to do 2 coats as it was covering a fairly dark grey. Then I set about creating the gallery wall with my frames and painted them white too! As most of them still had their original wall fixings on them I just put them up as you would a normal canvas so there was no need for glueing, filling or anything.

This was a super easy project really and was so budget friendly! A fraction of the cost of traditional panelling. Now even if you don’t think it looks like panelling to me it’s still beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with it. I went on to complete the rest of the room, upcycling vases , creating another feature wall using Dulux Denim Drift and putting up some brill prints from Ikea. Still some left to do like sanding our floorboards but it is one of my fav places to be right now. Everyone deserves and needs a beautiful space to sleep in and it doesn’t have to break the bank! The wall panelling also is very eco friendly, repurposing old canvases into something new! Check out my Instagram story highlights to see the transformation. Happy Interiors folks xx

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