The Sustainable House

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At Lana Rose Interiors we believe that our homes should be as sustainable as possible. With ever increasing plastic pollution and other non eco friendly materials and process have huge impacts on our planet I set up an Etsy Store to stock up my love for Arts, Craft and Design using pre-loved and sustainable materials.

One of my favourite activities is to go treasure hunting around my local charity/thrift stores picking out those items that I love and appreciate. My aim then is to list these in my Etsy store to help keep them in circulation showcasing how they can be re-used, re-loved and repurposed in our modern homes through design.

You will also find lots of Arts and Crafts, something I’m extremely fond of and like to share through my social media channels.

A huge part of being a designer means I feel I have not only an influence but a responsibility to share how we can still decorate and design our homes in the usual way but being more mindful in our approach. Never to compromise a brief but to enhance it through thoughtful attention to the design choices. To help share these design choices my Etsy Store will also stock E-Designs Collections of different ideas and schemes for more sustainable Design.

Please do take a look and get in touch if you wish to have any questions. My store is evolving over time, Sustainability is a journey so please bare with me as I create my stock.

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