Lana Rose Interiors believes that a healthy home is extremely important. Sustainable design is involved by determining efficient and effective use of space, selecting materials that offer low environmental impact and lowering pollution, waste and energy consumption. So how is Lana Rose Interiors trying to create spaces that help lower the impact on the environment.

Effective Use of Space – Interior Architecture

As explained more in our Signature Design Services, a key part of Interior Design is creating effective beautiful spaces for our clients. When we are approached by a client to assist them in their design dilemmas, to resolve a problem of space, Nicola will always look at the internal footprint to determine if the solutions are within the current homes floor plan. On a number of occasions when our client has assumed the only answer is to add more space, in actual fact, on the analysis of the existing footprint of their home, reveals that the answers are apparent without the need of costly unnecessary extensions to their property. This helps by:

  • saving money allowing our clients to free some of their budget on others areas of the project, quality over quantity.
  • smaller spaces require less energy to heat and light thus reducing energy bills going forward
  • no build means there is less impact on the environment through energy and materials needed to construct the extension
  • less waste
  • less time, internal works generally mean shorter renovation time

Low or non-toxic Paint products

As a designer Nicola has a good knowledge of less toxic paint products on the market that have low or are free of VOC (Volitile Organic Compound). Essentially this is the toxic within paints that is released during the drying process. There are legal limits to what this can be so all paints should be within these. However, some paint brands on the market are leaders in being either almost toxic or completely toxic free. Using these products means you’re creating less impact on your immediate environment in which you live in, which means for a healthier, happier home all round. This maybe particularly important to those who suffer with certain illnesses that are triggered by toxic materials in their homes.

Lana Rose Interiors will use these paint products in her colour consultancy when producing your design when ever possible. This is always done to enhance the design and never to its detriment ensuring the best design solutions are presented.

Buy Once Buy Well

Lana rose Interiors carefully select and present back to our clients suggestions of Furniture and Fittings to our clients. Whilst we applaud the use of pre-loved and vintage items, it is sometimes necessary to buy new. In doing so Nicola will research and suggest those that fall into the ethos of ‘Buy Once Buy Well’. This helps to eliminate Furniture being uneccessarily disposed of in the future. We try to look at products that also are manufactured with a mindful approach to its production, reducing their impact on the environment and those that offer solutions to how and best to dispose of their items once it has reached the end of its life cycle.

Circular Economy

As mentioned previously our designs wherever appropriate will try to utilise our clients belongings as much as possible or acquire pre-loved. Often furniture, fittings and accessories can look completely different in different context and therefore can give it a new lease of life. In the Interior world we call this ‘shop your home’. Nicola will determine which items you already have in your home could be used in the new designs or redeployed to other areas.

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