How to decorate with Small Spaces

So the average new build home is getting smaller and there are many of us who live in smaller spaces, apartments etc or even just have small rooms within our homes and this can cause us with dilemmas, as to how best to decorate the space without making it feel too small.

Now I’m gonna start off by saying the way in which I approach smaller spaces is not right or wrong, you must do what feels right for you but hopefully this will help some of you, so here goes!

Let go and declutter!

As with the start of any design project I always recommend to commit to the process of decluttering if you haven’t already done so.  We have to be realistic about the space that you have so by decluttering your belongings will help determine how you will use the space and what storage needs you actually have.  If you don’t absolutely need it either store it or Let Go!  After all, a Tidy House is a Tidy Mind!

Think about what furniture you need!


So we decided that one large sofa is a better use of space than several smaller ones.  This fits snug into the side and corner of the room and is big enough for four.  Besides this we have an Ercol armchair which I revamped by painting it a light ivory colour and also removing the back cushion.  This made the chair more transparent as you could see the wall through it giving the illusion of more space and also I love to see the ‘bones’ of a piece of furniture too! With the chair being on high legs gives you the opportunity to see more floor space and by doing so leads the eye further back giving the illusion of more space. Basically the more floor space you can see the larger the room will feel so opt for furniture with higher legs.


Window Treatments!

There are so many different options these days for our windows and how to dress them but for me when the space is small blinds work best as you can see more of the wall space, and furniture can go right into the corners of the room and are not going to get int the way of curtains.  So that is just what I decided best in our lounge bow window. I had bespoke roman blinds made to fit the inside of the window, again this does not  interrupt any of the room space and when closed, keeps the room feeling as big as it can be as you can still see the window sill.


Colour and Decor

Now again there is no set rule here, if you’re a maximalist then you might want a big gallery wall lots or ornaments, plants etc. I’d say I’m more on the minimalist side.  I chose to create a basket wall feature on one side above the large sofa.  This balances out the wall space nicely with the large sofa.  In terms of colours I wanted to keep it again fairly neutral so chose ‘Putty White’ by Valspar on all the walls apart from the wall behind the large cupboard and TV which was a very pale pastel green called ‘morning Downpour ‘ again by Valspar.   However, sometimes it is also works to go the dark side in smaller spaces. Embrace a small dark room and go for it but adding lots of moody lighting!

Last but certainly not least, Storage!

No room is complete without storage let’s face it, we all need to house certain belongings so getting this right is vital.  Hopefully by now you will have gone through the decluttering process and know what you need to store.  Again taking the approach that one larger piece to house everything can be the way to go here in a small space, rather than lots of little pieces of furniture.  We have a large shelving unit that is pretty tall so uses up a lot of wall space.  Originally it was all clear glass but I decided to paint the back of the glass on the bottom half to hide all the things I didn’t want on show, mainly my daughters board games etc. Leaving the top half more of a display cabinet.  Choose furniture also that doubles up into two different functions. I have a basket ottoman in a good proportional size that has a wooden slatted top so this doubles up as a coffee table and also more storage for toys!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your smaller spaces, in some ways they are easier than larger rooms, I’ll explain why in another blog!



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